National Hot Dog Day

To steal a line from O’Shea Jackson, today was a good day.  I woke up, had a kale smoothie, watched a few hours of jiu jitsu videos on YouTube, worked out…*cough* got a job… and then came home to finish Our Kids: The American Dream in Crisis (really cheery, fun summer reading).  Before getting around to finishing my book, however, I made the mistake of mindlessly flipping through a few apps on my phone.  Bing was cool enough to remind me today was National Hot Dog Day.  I had previously intended to write a post for this holiest of days, so I dropped what I was doing to visit Taylor’s Hot Dogs for a photo, and maybe one or two (or seven) chili dogs while I was there.

Hot Dog_0001

Aside from being a laughably obvious photo-op for budding photographers in Visalia, Taylor’s really is a nice landmark here in Visalia, and they do sell some tasty hot dogs.  The thing about Taylor’s is their hot dogs are kind of pricey these days.  I don’t remember how much they were when I first moved to Visalia, but they were definitely under a dollar.  If my memory serves me correctly, they were also significantly bigger than they are now.  I recently  joked to a friend of mine that “Taylor’s chili dogs have gotten so small, I need to eat seven before I’m sufficiently ashamed of myself.”  All joking aside, they are delicious, so once I got a photo of the stand, I did, in fact, order seven chili dogs with everything (which is two more than my usual, and three or four more than what any respectable adult should be eating).

I don’t mean to make fun of Taylor’s.  As a chili addict, I am happy to have them around whenever I need a fix.  Actually, there was a brief period several years ago when they used a different kind of chili, and in a controversy on par with the New Coke fiasco, they eventually brought back the original chili due to popular demand.  So… That’s cool.

Hot Dog_0002

Look, I ate seven chili dogs tonight to celebrate a made-up holiday. It cost me like $43 (give or take $31), and now I’m in somewhat of a food coma.

While we’re on the subject of hot dogs, I would just like to end with this: It’s 2015.  The president is black, and we all have super computers in our pockets. It’s a brave new world.  Shouldn’t all hot dogs be “bun length” by now?  Why does every hot dog made at home have to begin and end with a superfluous mouthful of white bread?  Am I the only person who’s not okay with this?

No seriously, am I?  There’s a comment section below, if you ain’t know.

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