My Favorite Selfie

I figured since I was starting a blog at three in the morning, the content of my first post wouldn’t be too terribly important.  So right now I’m sharing my all-time favorite selfie.  This was taken here in Visalia, CA in a shop window downtown.  I’m wearing a hoodie and a t-shirt for the band Xiu Xiu.  I strategically placed my reflection near the center of the photo when I took this, but I didn’t really consider this a selfie until a couple years later when selfies became an epidemic. I don’t know what it is about this photo I enjoy so much.  But I love looking at it.

Right now would probably be a good time to tell you what this blog is going to be about.  If I actually knew, I’d totally fill you in, but as it stands I only have three general rules for myself in creating content to share with you:

  1. Film photos only.
  2. Don’t be a cunt.
  3. Try not to swear. (Starting right now!)

Film only because it’s more challenging.  I shoot good film, bad film, film that climbs on rocks.  I take it out of whichever broken, misfit camera I shot it with (I just realized each one of my film cameras has some major defect! Neat!), develop it in my kitchen sink, and scan it to share with maybe six people the world (I almost broke rule #2 there).

DBAC (or DBAA for any Breaking Bad fans) because I’ve kind of defined myself my entire adult life by my generally sarcastic disposition.  I mean, seriously, my last blog was called “HateHateHateHateHate” (and when I’d tell people about it, I’d spread out the five digits of my right hand and say “That’s five hates”) and I ran a facebook page called “I Hate Photography”… and that was about my general love for photography.  So maybe… let’s chill out this time around.

And finally I’m going to try not to swear because Will Smith don’t gotta cuss in his raps to sell records.  So, there’s that.

Other rules I considered were “only photos of Visalia” which would be pretty easy to stick to; I never really go anywhere.  But every now and then I visit other nearby towns or if I find myself on the outskirts of town, not knowing if I’m still technically in Visalia, I don’t want to get hung up on whether or not I can post whatever photos I take in that moment.

Anywho.  I hope you are sufficiently entertained while I’m in Strugglesville, clumsily navigating my way through my first real blog in years.  Even greater than that, I hope I can get better and better each week and eventually have a blog I’m proud to share.

Thanks for being here for my first post 🙂

It’s Only Trivia: Which famous professional wrestler had a penchant for holding up five digits, shouting “FIVE!” and why?

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